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“Yacht Rock Under Cover” at The Office 01.30.19 (show photos/video)

Hosted by The OfficeBARSD, the Under Cover at the Office series is an event that brings together not only notable musicians but features a “Who’s Who” in the San Diego music scene. Check out the rad singers who joined us for Yachtrock Undercover in January. […]

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Dim The Lights – Live From The Las Vegas Strip 11.11.18 (show photos/audio)

Dim The Lights Tribute to Disco & Funk

Dim The Lights was honored to perform at the Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon on 11.11.18. We love the wonderful organizations that the Marathon helps to support, especially St. Jude Hospital. We were also fortunate to have Las Vegas’ own, Elisa Furr, the premiere tribute to Celine Dion, join Dim The Lights for the […]

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An (all hands on deck) Analysis of the Short-Film Series “Yacht Rock” – Retro Hits Tributes

high tide society yacht rock tribute

Some people still ask what yacht-rock is when they hear the phrase, and naturally, the first thing that those of us in-the-know do, besides making the obligatory reference to 70’s soft-rock, is explain the title’s true origins, followed by the quick forwarding of a youtube link, or two. It starts in 2005 with JD Ryznar […]

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