Retro Hits Tributes

Outlaw country is a subgenre of American country music, most popular during the 1970s and early-1980s, sometimes referred to as the outlaw movement or simply outlaw music. The music has its roots in earlier subgenres like honky tonk and rockabilly and is characterized by a blend of rock and folk rhythms, country instrumentation and introspective lyrics. – Wiki

“All those songs are totally timeless. They’ll always stand up because they came from a real place. They weren’t crafted songs. They were written from the heart.” – Shooter Jennings

Bad Hombres – Outlaw Country
  • 01

    Three Dimes Down

    The Driveby Truckers Bad Hombres featuring Marc Ford (Slide Guitar)

  • 02

    Nashville Wimmin

    Waylon Jennings Bad Hombres

  • 03

    Good Hearted Woman

    Waylon Jennings Bad Hombres

  • 04

    Big River

    Johnny Cash Bad Hombres

  • 05

    Folsom Prison Blues

    Johnny Cash Bad Hombres

  • 06

    Boy Named Sue

    Johnny Cash Bad Hombres

  • 07

    Stay All Night

    Willie Nelson Bad Hombres

  • 08

    Family Tradition

    Hank Williams Bad Hombres

  • 09

    Cinnamon Girl - Are You Ready For the Country

    Neil Young Bad Hombres

  • 10

    Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

    Merle Haggard Bad Hombres

“Thank you to the Bad Hombres for their generous support as my daughter participated in the Valley Center Rodeo Queen pageant. Their outlaw country vibe kept us going strong when it mattered most. Their country music is the perfect pair with the heart of the rodeo lifestyle.” – Jessica Perpetua