Retro Hits Tributes

“I moved from Ann Arbor to L.A., and ended up making friends with all these other guys from Michigan, like “Hollywood” Steve Huey, Hunter Stair, and David Lyons. Pretty much every weekend I’d have “Chinese Thanksgiving” at my apartment — we’d eat BBQ chicken and burgers, drink beer and listen to records of what I called “yacht rock.” You know, like Michael McDonald is singing background vocals and like there’s guys on boats on the covers; it feels like you’re on a yacht listening to it. And the guys were like, ‘oh, we know this music.'”
JD Ryznar – Director (Michael McDonald) – “Yacht Rock”
  • 01

    Hey Nineteen

    by Steely Dan High Tide Society

  • 02

    Give Me The Night

    by George Benson High Tide Society

  • 03


    by Toto High Tide Society

  • 04

    I'm Alright

    by Kenny Loggins High Tide Society

  • 05

    Love Is Alive

    by Gary Wright High Tide Socity

  • 06

    Sweet Thing

    by Rufus and Chaka Khan High Tide Society

  • 07


    by Steely Dan High Tide Society

  • 08

    Rich Girl

    by Hall & Oates High Tide Society

  • 09

    Ah! Leah!

    by Donnie Iris High Tide Society

“We just returned from our honeymoon and are still hearing from friends and family about how much they loved the music… Thank you for helping us to make this such a special event!” – Craig S. (2016)

“You guys are amazing!! Love your music!! Look forward to working with you again in the future!” Michelle – The Bridges at Rancho
Santa Fe (2016)