Retro Hits Tributes

Dim The Lights is an authentic tribute to the New York City / Philadelphia Disco phenomenon that took place during the mid-70’s and very early 80’s. Dim The Lights pays tribute to the pioneers of the disco genre, such as Chic, Donna Summer, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Heatwave, Sister Sledge, Bee Gees, and others.

“Disco music is funk with a bow tie.”
Fred Wesley, Trombone for James Brown

“We wrote “Le Freak” because we were denied entry to Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve 1977–78. Grace Jones had invited us to see her show, and she assumed that since our hit “Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)” was so big we could get in. Normally we could, but it was sold out, she forgot to leave our names at the door, and [doorman] Marc Benecke wouldn’t let us in. He politely told us to “f#ck off”. So Bernard and I went and wrote a song called “F#ck Off”: “Awww … f#ck off … ” It sounded great, but I said we can’t have a song on the radio called “Aww … F#ck Off.” So I came up with “Freak Off,” but that wasn’t sexy. Then Bernard came up with “There’s that new dance everybody’s doing called the Freak.” Nile Rodgers, CHIC

  • 01

    You Should Be Dancing

    by The Bee Gees Dim The Lights

  • 02

    Good Times

    by CHIC Dim The Lights

  • 03

    Bad Girls

    by Donna Summer Dim The Lights

  • 04

    Take Your Time (Do It Right)

    S.O.S. Band Dim The Lights

  • 05

    Aint No Stopping Us Now

    McFadden & Whitehead Dim The Lights

  • 06

    Give Me The Night

    George Benson Dim The Lights

“I effing love this band!” – Rahn Harding
(via Facebook 2018)