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“Yacht Rock Under Cover” at The Office 01.30.19 (show photos/video)

Hosted by The OfficeBARSD, the Under Cover at the Office series is an event that brings together not only notable musicians but features a “Who’s Who” in the San Diego music scene. Check out the rad singers who joined us for Yachtrock Undercover in January.

“I Can’t Go For That” – Steven C. Bradford

“Go Your Own Way” – Timothy Joseph

“I Don’t Want To Know” – Sandi King

“Ride Like The Wind” – Ryan Koontz

“Baker Street” – Ariel Levine

“Reelin’ In The Years” – Lauren Leigh Martin

“Sweet Thing” – Carissa Shroeder

“Moonlight Feels Right” – Gary Shuffler

“Steal Away” – Jonny Tarr

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